You can Support Ohioans for Clean Energy

February 7, 2018

We recently kicked off a new campaign focused on supporting our nuclear power plants: Ohioans for Clean Energy (OCE). There’s still time to learn more and become an advocate.

“OCE is a grassroots effort to educate the public on the benefits of nuclear power, encourage key constituents to support OCE and ultimately gain support from members of the General Assembly on Senate Bill 128 and House Bill 178,” said Joel Bailey, vice president, State and Local Affairs and Economic Development.

Customer Insights

The OCE campaign emphasizes the important contributions our nuclear plants make to the environment, economy and our local communities. “Through customer research, we identified key attributes of our plants that were most important,” said Gretchan Sekulich, vice president, Communications and Branding. “People appreciate that nuclear power produces nearly all the clean energy in Ohio and that the plants support jobs, schools and emergency services. These messages are the cornerstone of our efforts to build support for our plants and our people.”

Become an Advocate

Messages from OCE are being sent in mailers, on social media and in digital advertising and other media.

You’ll want to visit* to learn more about the benefits of nuclear power and join the effort to support SB 128 and HB 178.

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