Working Safely Helps Keep Kids Warm this Winter

October 30, 2018

During Beaver Valley’s current Unit 2 refueling outage (2R20), the site’s Safety+ behavior-based safety committee is changing the way outage safety observation goals are acknowledged. And, that’s helping make sure some local kids have warm coats to wear this winter.

“This year, we have chosen to mark Safety+ observation milestones by donating to Project Bundle Up, a joint effort between the Salvation Army and WTAE-TV Channel 4,” said Jim Graf, superintendent, Beaver Valley Work Planning. The program provides new winter coats, hats, scarves, mittens and boots to thousands of underprivileged children and senior citizens in western Pennsylvania annually.

In lieu of a final celebration for achieving the outage goal, Safety+ will set up a coat rack in the Primary Access Facility (PAF) and will add a new coat to the rack for every 25 observations that are recorded. According to Gabe Van Horn, construction services and member of the Safety+ steering committee, “That will help track our progress and serve as a reminder to everyone passing through the PAF that our performance has direct, tangible effects.”

Work groups such as the Maintenance Shop and Joint Work Execution Center have pledged to donate funds for coat purchases when the overall observation goal is achieved. In addition, several individuals also have made pledges.

“We have traditionally looked inward and celebrated as a site to reinforce all the positive behavior that helped us meet a goal,” said Jim. “This is an opportunity for us to project our success outward and demonstrate to the community our ongoing commitment to operating safely. And in doing so, our neighbors who need some assistance will be the beneficiaries.”

The 2R20 outage began Sunday, Oct. 21, for scheduled refueling and maintenance. The overall outage goal is 600 observations. Weekly goals are established and will be recognized as they are met.