Tick Tips

June 5, 2019

Warmer weather means more time outdoors and more chances to come in contact with ticks. Ticks do not fly, jump or drop. They simply reach out with their legs and grab or crawl onto a host. Here are some ways to help reduce your chance of being bitten.

  1. Going hiking? Wear the right clothing. Long pants, long sleeves and socks are best. If its too hot for those, make sure you check your clothing and body (scalp included) for ticks when you come inside.
  2. Choose the right insect repellant. Consumer Reports rates them.*
  3. Keep your grass short. Hint: If there are deer wandering through your yard, you’ve probably got ticks in your yard. Ticks like cooler, damp environments, and the taller the grass, the cooler the environment.
  4. Don’t skip the weed whacking. Trim tall grass, brush and weeds to make it less inviting.
  5. Clean up leaf piles. Layers of leaves create cool, damp environments.
  6. Don’t forget your furry friends. Make sure you pets are on tick and flea prevention medicine and check them often for ticks after spending time outside.

For more information about ticks in your area, check your state health department’s website.

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