The Howling Sound of Energy Waste

October 29, 2019

We’re hunting … haunted houses.

You know those spooky structures, where a wind moans constantly and weird, ghostly whistling sounds reverberate down the hallways. It’s enough to put a chill down your spine – and make you shiver!

It can also be the scariest form of energy waste. When you feel cool air creeping in around your windows and doors, you’re sensing the specter of energy waste coming to wreak havoc on your electric bill.

A home – haunted or not – can be a pretty leaky place. The amount of air seeping through cracks in windows and doors in the average house adds up to the equivalent a two square-foot window being left open all the time.

Now, imagine all of the creepy things that can come in through that open window. Not only ghosts and ghouls, but real haunting things like outdoor air pollution, dust, allergens and more.

Weatherization to seal up all those air leaks can do a lot to keep ghoulish invaders out of your house.

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