Teachers Learn About Jobs at Davis-Besse

Port Clinton Middle School Teacher Kerry Fial gets set to trip the reactor in the Training Simulator.

June 26, 2019

Ottawa County, Ohio teachers went “back to school” the week of June 10. About two dozen teachers from several schools districts became students by participating in a Teacher Boot Camp designed to introduce them to the world of manufacturing. They toured a half dozen businesses in the county during the week to learn more about the types of skills sought by local employers. It’s hoped they’ll use the information they gathered to better prepare their students for life after high school.

Human Resources Representative Mary Wilson was Davis-Besse’s liaison with the Ottawa County Business Advisory Council that coordinated the effort. Mary put the itinerary together for the teachers’ visit to Davis-Besse on June 12.

“We wanted them to see as many different areas of the plant as possible in the short time they were here,” Mary said. “I think they got a good flavor for the kinds of jobs we have here and discovered that not all jobs require a four-year college degree.”

The teachers experienced the Control Room Simulator, learned about the Shield Building repair project and why there’s been a stream of trucks carrying large blocks of concrete to the plant recently for used fuel storage. They also visited with staff members in Chemistry, Radiation Protection, Engineering, Site Protection, Instrument and Control (I&C), Maintenance Services and Mechanical Maintenance. Of course, no visit to the plant would be complete without a stop at the Turbine Deck.

“It’s the first time we’ve participated in the program and I think it provided a wonderful opportunity for the teachers and for Davis-Besse,” Mary added.