Taking to the Air Waves for Nuclear

Eric Loehlein

May 20, 2019

On Tuesday, May 14, Eric Loehlein, Beaver Valley site maintenance manager, visited the studios of WBVP, a Beaver County radio station. Eric spent time onair representing BV Matters, a grassroots organization comprising nuclear employees and local industry supporters. The hour-long interview can be seen on Facebook at the WBVP page.

FENOC Employees Travel to Columbus to Support Nuclear

Employees from Davis-Besse and Perry traveled to the Ohio capitol on Wednesday, May 15 to speak out in support of House Bill 6, also known as the Ohio Clean Air Program. Employees spent the day attending a legislative hearing on the bill, which would create the Ohio Clean Air Program. The program would encourage electricity production and use from clean air resources, providing assistance to nuclear plants as a clean, carbon-free energy source.