Take Your Time and Do It Right

(L.) Justin Arbogast read meters out of the Weston-Buckhannon Service Center before recently taking a Customer Account position. (R.) Mike Adwell focuses on working accurately and safely regardless of the surrounding terrain.

August 28, 2019

For Mon Power’s Mike Adwell, there’s no big secret to correctly reading a customer meter – something he’s done now for four consecutive years. He just thinks back to a suggestion made by a coworker years ago: “When you’re standing in front of a meter, it’s not the time to be in a hurry.”

“I guess I really took that advice to heart,” said Mike with a chuckle. Along with fellow Mon Power employee Justin Arbogast, Mike recently completed four years without making a single error.

“Whether I am navigating a snow-covered walkway or accessing a meter that is surrounded by overgrown vegetation, I concentrate on completing my work accurately and safely,” said Mike, who works out of the Fairlea Service Center.

For Justin, being a meter reader wasn’t just about reading meters correctly, it was knowing that each day he executed all aspects of his job correctly and safely.

“There is a lot more to meter reading than people might realize,” said Justin, who recently accepted a position as a Customer Account specialist at the Elkins Service Center. “Part of it is staying focused on the task at hand – correctly reading a meter. But the other part is being prepared for the unexpected, whether it is rugged terrain, inclement weather or an aggressive dog.”

According to Joe Barker, general supervisor, Meter Reading, most meter readers average one to two errors per month. However, Joe said Mike and Justin are very conscientious and take a lot of pride in their work.

“Anyone who’s ever performed this job knows the challenges and obstacles our meter readers face every day,” said Joe. “They play a crucial role in our company’s success, and for Mike and Justin to display such consistent accuracy for so many years is an outstanding accomplishment.”

When working in the field, Justin said you never know what’s around the next corner. But Mon Power’s training helps meter readers protect themselves from injury. “We announce our presence when entering a customer’s property, swing wide around corners to improve our line of vision, and always follow the safest path to the meter,” he said. “For meter readers, safety is a core value and always our top priority.”