Stop. Look. Live.

September 23, 2020

Max Safety is on a mission – to minimize danger and maximize safety. As the fictional spokesperson for FirstEnergy’s new Public Safety Outreach program, Max is being introduced to customers throughout our six-state service area to alert them to the potential dangers of electricity. And he has a message – Stop. Look. Live.

“Serious injury or death can be avoided when people take precautions to prevent accidental contact with power lines and other electrical equipment,” said Laura Redenshek, director, FEU Safety & Human Performance. “Max is a fun and memorable employee who shows customers how to identify and keep away from potentially dangerous situations involving electricity, which is the central focus of our Public Safety Outreach program.”

“Max’s message to Stop. Look. Live. will carry through all of our public safety outreach – from our general awareness campaign to special programs focusing on students, first responders and high-risk contractors,” added Doug Colafella, director, Communications and Branding. “It’s an impactful, educational and memorable message. And the graphic, which mimics the colors of a stop light, includes a hard hat bearing the company logo to clearly identify this as a FirstEnergy initiative.”

These elements are part of the next phase of our Public Safety Outreach program, which is kicking off today, Monday, Sept. 21. Digital ads, social media posts, a news release and a redesigned safety section of our corporate website are all included in this multi-faceted campaign launch. Other items are soon to follow, including a brochure, radio spots and billboard ads, as well as a video for school children and a new safety trailer.

To help educate first responders, a new fleet of Live Wire Electrical Safety Trailers has been constructed to demonstrate the potential dangers that exist around energized electrical facilities. The trailers are receiving graphics and other finishing touches before they are made available to each of our 10 operating companies.

“The trailers are designed to help firefighters, police officers and emergency medical personnel identify electrical hazards they may encounter in the field, specifically in situations where a vehicle accident or severe weather cause a power line to fall or damage other energized equipment,” said Candy Webb, consultant, Public Safety. “We think they will be a valuable tool to help keep first responders in our service territory safe.” In addition, our website includes sections to reach ea​ch targeted group.

Along with a video for school children, we’re also working on a table-top safety demonstration that shows a variety of electrical contact hazards in a residential area with both overhead and underground service. This program, called the Live Wire Electrical Safety School, will allow us to bring outdoor electrical safety issues into grade school classrooms.

“We’re excited to kick off our Public Safety Outreach program to help us heighten awareness of the potential dangers that exist around energized electrical equipment,” said Laura. “Safety is a core value at FirstEnergy, and the main goal of this program is to deliver memorable, engaging messages that strengthen this value in the communities we serve.”