Smart LED Light Bulbs Make Great Gifts

November 13, 2018

Make the holidays brighter this season – with smart lighting.  LED smart bulbs are an energy saving gift and a fun technology gift in one. Smartmart offers some great options for the special people in your life, and shipping is FREE.

Sengled Boost

For only $29.99, this bulb features a built-in Wi-Fi repeater that can extend a Wi-Fi network (2.4 GHz only) up to 100 feet.  Lighting and Wi-Fi settings are conveniently controlled with an app.  Just think… this gift can help fix dropped connections, improve slow download speeds and eliminate dead zones. You are a genius!

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Sengled Everbright

This emergency bulb contains a rechargeable battery that automatically switches to backup mode if the power goes out. It can be used anywhere a standard incandescent bulb would be used.  Plus, it can be removed from the socket and used as a flashlight!  At just $19.99 each, you can afford to give your loved ones more than one for multiple rooms in their house.

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Find something for everyone on your list!  Visit today, and search “Sengled” to see the entire line of smart bulbs.  Or call 1-800-505-SAVE to order by phone.


Sengled smart bulbs are available in Ohio, Pennsylvania, and Maryland.  Coming to West Virginia in early December.