Setting the Standard

May 14, 2021

Anthony Chiodo has been a member of the Meter Services group at JCP&L’s Morristown facility for a decade. While the employees in the group have changed over the years, Anthony said one thing has remained constant – the leadership team’s dedication to safety.

“During my time in the group, I’ve always been told that if something doesn’t feel right, stop the job and we’ll find a way to complete it safely,” said Anthony, a meter tester. “It’s nice to have that level of comfort with your supervisor – to know that he or she has your back.”

The strong safety bond has helped Morristown Meter Services achieve 16 years without incurring an Occupational Safety & Health Administration (OSHA)-recordable injury. JCP&L recently recognized the group’s 15 employees for the milestone.

“I visit with my employees – virtually or in the field – as much as possible to get to know them and what they have going on,” said Linda Phillips, supervisor, Regional Operations. “I want them to know that if they need something or have any problems, I am here to help address their concerns.”

Anthony Chiodo (l.) provides training to fellow meter tester Brian Whitmore.

Anthony explained that the work environment in Morristown Meter Services is especially beneficial to newer employees joining the group. “They see the relationship we have with our leadership team, and they learn that it’s good to have a questioning attitude,” he continued. “Receiving consistent messaging from leadership has helped to ingrain safety into the culture of our group.”

Members of the group spend most of their time working in the field, so they mus​t pay attention to their surroundings, avoid complacency, and always be ready for the unexpected. On any given day, they travel to work locations, deal with inclement weather, traverse rough terrain, and encounter unfriendly dogs.

“Many of the tasks our meter testers perform are repetitive, so we emphasize that they need to be in the moment and focus on the job at hand,” Linda said. “You never know if the meter you are working on is damaged or if an unforeseen circumstance may arise, so you must rely on your training and always wear the proper personal protective equipment for the job.”

Meter Services Manager Jason Wallace is proud of the group’s accomplishment, but he isn’t surprised by its success. “Meter Services employees are passionate about safety, and it shows in the work they do every day. For them, working safely is more than just rules to follow – it’s part of their DNA.”


Bargaining-unit employees in Morristown Meter Services are represented by the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers (IBEW) Local 1289.