Sengled Smart Bulbs, a Bright Idea

September 10, 2018

Next time you find yourself changing an old light bulb in your home, consider a brighter, smarter replacement. At, you can find a large selection of Sengled smart bulbs. With smart bulbs, the power is literally in your hands: You can control your home’s audio, security and connectivity, simply by installing a light bulb.

Sengled smart bulbs offer app-controlled technologies that allow you to:

  • Play music
  • Boost your Wi-Fi to help eliminate dead zones
  • Control brightness
  • Set lighting schedules
  • Monitor your home with an HD security camera
  • Find your way if the power goes out

Light the way with two great options

Here’s how you can get started to upgrade your home’s lighting IQ:

  • Sengled Pulse Pair Starter Kit-LED light bulbs with high quality wireless Bluetooth® JBL® speakers
    • Simple installation – twist the bulb into any standard light socket
    • Download the app, stream music from any device
    • Control brightness, volume and set equalizer wirelessly
    • Connect 1 Pulse master bulb with up to 7 Pulse satellite bulbs for surround sound
    • Starter kit includes one Pulse Master bulb and one Pulse Satellite bulb
    • Price is $99.99
  • Sengled Everbrite LED emergency light bulbs
    • Up to 3.5 hours of continuous light during a power outage
    • Automatically switches to backup mode during an outage
    • Uses only 9W of power
    • Affordable, dependable
    • Low cost of $19.99

To see the entire collection of Sengled smart bulbs, or to order,* visit and search “Sengled” or call 1-800-505-SAVE.


*Sengled light bulbs are only available in Ohio and Pennsylvania at this time.