Safety Recognition at JCP&L

October 26, 2018

JCP&L recognized the safety achievements of employees in the following work groups:

  • Morristown Cable celebrated five years without an OSHA-recordable incident. There are approximately 20 employees in the group. “Morristown Cable employees are setting a great example of the daily commitment required to work safely,” says Dennis Pavagadhi, director, Operations Support.
  • Phillipsburg Meter Services surpassed two years without an OSHA recordable. Eight employees work in Meter Services at the facility. “We’re proud of members of this group for their safety focus – from following proper procedures to wearing the required personal protective equipment,” says Pat Mullin, director, Regional Operations Support.

Bargaining-unit employees at JCP&L are represented by International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers (IBEW)
Local 1289.

Morristown Cable Group

Phillipsburg Meter Services