Safety Milestones at Macedonia, Fairlawn

January 22, 2019

Employees at the following Ohio Edison service centers were honored for their safety dedication on a team and individual basis:

  • Macedonia achieved 10 years without an OSHA-recordable incident. Twenty-eight employees report to the service center. The company also recognized five Macedonia employees as members of the Quarter Century of Safety Club for working OSHA-free for at least 25 years.
  • Fairlawn’s 288 employees celebrated two years without an OSHA recordable. Forty-eight Fairlawn employees also were recognized as members of the Quarter Century of Safety Club.

Macedonia and Fairlawn employees received the President’s Safety Excellence Award at separate luncheon events. “It was great to celebrate with these teams and thank them for their commitment to safety,” said Rich Sweeney, regional president, Ohio Edison/Penn Power. “A number of these employees have worked OSHA-free for more than 40 years. They have dedicated their careers to working safely and are proving that this achievement is possible.”

Bargaining-unit employees at Macedonia and Fairlawn are represented by Utility Workers Union of America (UWUA) Local 126.

Macedonia and Fairlawn were among the FEU work groups featured in the Jan. 17 issue of the Safety Milestones newsletter.

Macedonia Service Center

Quarter Century of Safety Club members at Macedonia (l. to r.): Steve Bell (36 years), Todd Rabal (28), George Stevenson (45), Kenny James (50) and Emil Chadima (30).

Fairlawn Service Center

Members of the Quarter Century of Safety Club at Fairlawn are (l. to r.): Dave Homsher (45 years), Gerald Brown (40), Terry Jones (29), Phil Benton (34), Chad Petit (29), Rick Stump (25), Mike Hunter (44), Bill Cummings (44), Kent Killingsworth (27), Sharon Cook (30), Matthew Lewis (31), Mark Musleve (38), Brian Donahue (28), Joseph Jakubick, (32), Brad Bell (27), Cindy Morley (27), Craig Hotchkiss (26), Mary Phillips (30), John Renzi (40), Tim Gurnish (29), Daryl Lindemann (30), Chuck Sopko (41), Jeffrey Knapp (28), Glenn Bowman (35) and Michael Anderson (44). Missing from the photo are Nelson Begeot (28), Steven Bryte (26), James Cook (34), Robert Dunbar (30), Dan Fresenko (40), Eric Gray (40), Joyce Grubb (34), Joseph Hayden (39), Dean Haynes (28), Craig Henniger (32), Tracy Mayse (37), David Miller (26), Mark Nettle (41), Michael Orban (30), David Post (40), Christopher Sapronetti (30), Kevin Sestak (30), Richard Stabile (28), Alfred Terry (39), Brent Vaughn (28), Scott Whitmer (40), Gary Williams (37) and
Marianne Zetts (41).