Rolling Along

Last week, more than 70 donated bicycles were moved from Beaver Valley to the Communicycle work space in New Brighton.

April 8, 2019

Spring is right around the corner, and thanks to the efforts of Beaver Valley employees, there will be dozens of new bike riders enjoying the warmer weather. Beaver Valley Senior Consulting Engineer Lee Montanari leads a local youth bike outreach organization called Communicycle. The group collects used bikes and bike parts via donations, then works on those bicycles at its repair facility, a donated space in New Brighton, Pa.

Last Wednesday, 71 donated bicycles were moved from Beaver Valley’s General Distribution Center, which was the designateddonation collection point the entire month of March, to the repair facility. Many of the bikes are in good condition and need only minor attention. Others, though, require repairs. According to Lee, collecting and transporting the donated bikes was just the first step.

“Now we are looking for volunteers to come to our shop and help us revamp and repair the bikes to get them into good riding condition.”

Volunteers are invited to help out at the Communicycle workshop to spruce up donated bikes that will be distributed in local communities.