Recognizing Safety Achievements

November 19, 2020

Ohio Edison, Penn Power, Penelec, Potomac Edison and Mon Power recognized the safety commitment of the following work groups:

Ohio Edison

  • Macedonia – Twenty-two employees achieved two years of OSHA-free work and almost three years without a chargeable motor vehicle accident (CMVA).
  • Kent – Forty-eight employees achieved one year of OSHA-free performance.

Bargaining-unit employees at Macedonia and Kent are represented by Utility Workers Union of America (UWUA) Local 126.

Penn Power

  • Clark – Fifty-nine employees achieved two years without an OSHA recordable and one year without a CMVA.

UWUA Local 140 represents bargaining-unit employees at Clark.


  • Towanda – The district’s 66 employees achieved one year without an OSHA recordable and a CMVA on Nov. 18.
  • Indiana – Thirty-one employees celebrated one year of OSHA-free work on Nov. 12.

Bargaining-unit employees at Towanda and Indiana are represented by the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers (IBEW) Local 459.

​Potomac Edison​

  • Oakland – The service center’s 26 employees celebrated six years without an OSHA recordable incident.

Bargaining-unit employees at Oakland are represented by UWUA Local 102.

Mon Power

  • Summersville – The service center’s 17 employees celebrated three years without an OSHA on Oct. 26.