Punching in Perfect Performances

(Top photo) Kevin Onweller (center) joins his supervisor, Elizabeth Holland (second from left), and other Toledo Edison leadership in celebrating his third consecutive Excellence Award. (Bottom photo) Ann Lane (second from left) displays her award alongside (left to right): Brett Coakley, director, Operations Support; Mark Jones, regional president, Toledo Edison; Taneaka Haley; and Jared Graff, supervisor, Regulated Meter Reading.

March 12, 2019

As meter readers at Toledo Edison, Ann Lane and Kevin Onweller strive to put the customer first with their accuracy on the job and dedication to safety – qualities that helped them earn Toledo Edison Zero Errors Excellence Awards for their errorfree performances in 2018.

“Ann and Kevin are at the top of their game and deserve to be honored,” said Taneaka Haley, manager, regional Meter Reading, Toledo Edison. “Their jobs are not easy, but they always have positive attitudes and come to work prepared for all types of weather conditions. Each one of them appreciates the focus our company puts on safety because it helps them make it home to their families each day.”

Kevin, who has 14 years of meter reading experience, has never made an error in his three years at Toledo Edison. He has received the utility’s Excellence Award every year. In 2018, he read 84,363 meters without error.

“I really like working outdoors and making our customers happy with accurate bills every month,” he said. “Working as a meter reader is a joy for me because it involves two things that I love – numbers and nature. I take pride in my job as a meter reader.”

Being able to work outside is also a plus for Ann, who was employed in Toledo Edison’s Contact Center for 11 years before becoming a meter reader more than two years ago. She enjoys getting daily steps in while applying her customer service background to her job. Ann read 91,176 meters last year without error.

“I sat at a desk for more than 10 years and wasn’t sure how meter reading would work out for me. But I love it – even if it means some days I might talk to more dogs than I do people,” she noted jokingly. “The guiding principles of strong customer service that I honed while in an office setting also apply really well to my work in the field.”