Publisher and Editor Tour Davis-Besse

Doug Huey gives a tutorial on electricity market prices on the PJM website. Learning more about the region’s electric grid is Ron Waite, Erie County Commissioner Matt Old, Matt Westerhold and Davis-Besse Operations Instructor Dave Witt.

May 22, 2019

Sandusky Register newspaper Publisher Ron Waite and Editor Matt Westerhold toured Davis-Besse Nuclear Power Station on Wednesday, May 8, and the result was an editorial in favor of House Bill 6, also known as the Ohio Clean Air Program. The media members wanted to hear from plant representatives before opining on the pending legislation.

The Sandusky Register editorial said the paper would support the plan to add $2.50 to every residential electric bill in Ohio if it helped keep Davis-Besse and Perry viable and the lights on in 1.7 million homes. The editorial said, “Nobody should undervalue the ability to produce clean energy.” It also referred to the plants as “highly reliable.”

While the 1,400 jobs at the two plants combined was viewed as a good reason to support the bill, the newspaper said, “Market stabilization is a major reason and one of many other reasons for Ohio lawmakers and for residents to support this legislation.”

Ron Waite (c.) and Matt Westerhold (r.) ask questions about some construction work being done at Davis-Besse during their tour to the plant last week. Performance Improvement Director Doug Huey (l.) showed the newspaper executives around the plant.