Perry Workers Video Messages of Support for Nuclear Power

Lindsay Humble talks about the importance of Perry in the community.

October 31, 2018

Perry Plant employees testified to the pride and passion they take in working at a nuclear power plant in a series of video testimonials designed to be shared with fellow Ohioans.

“I am passionate about nuclear power. It’s clean energy and the plant does so much for the surrounding areas, both in terms of jobs and community service,” said Lindsay Humble, Perry Site Projects. Lindsay is one of the eleven Perry employees who recently recorded a video testimonial as part of an effort organized by the Ohio Clean Energy Jobs Alliance.

The Ohio Clean Energy Jobs Alliance is a coalition of community leaders and grassroots supporters committed to preserving the jobs and economic benefits that nuclear plants provide to Ohio. The coalition recently kicked off the campaign with a press conference and launched a new website.

Videos, which recently were recorded at the plant, highlight key benefits of nuclear power, such as the jobs they bring to Ohio and the impact on the nearby communities. Another key benefit they bring is clean energy – 90 percent of Ohio’s clean energy comes from Davis-Besse and Perry.

“I feel strongly that it’s going to take everyone to jump in and support this effort,” said Jerry Bruss, manager, Business Services. “We have a lot of educating to do and, in my opinion, it starts with the employees.”

Here are some things employees can do to help the project succeed:

  • Visit the website and sign up to receive campaign updates:
  • Follow the Ohio Clean Energy Jobs Alliance on Facebook and Twitter (accessible through your home computer or personal mobile device)
  • Share the social media content with friends and family online

Jerry Bruss is interviewed at Perry about nuclear power.