Perry Family Safety Day Fun for Everyone

(Left) Two JLG lifts were on hand to give employees, friends and family rides. (Top right) Maintenance Master Mechanic Matt Dingle (r.) operates the JLG lift as two girls enjoy the ride. (Bottom right) Site Projects Engineer Ashley Sullivan explains how to play “What’s that strange thing” – an activity designed to show the importance of our eyesight and the need to wear safety glasses.

August 21, 2018

Sunny skies and fun-filled activities were plentiful during Perry’s Family Safety Day. More than 600 people came to the Aug. 10 event to learn about the many ways the Perry team works to stay safe every day.

Hands-on activities included the Slips, Trips and Falls Simulator; Hazard Hamlet; Rocket Launch; and a Chemistry Lab. In addition, participants had the opportunity to reach the sky as Maintenance personnel gave rides in the JLG lifts. Several local agencies were present and showed off their emergency equipment, including fire trucks and SWAT vehicles. Families had fun with the photo booth and the handprint station, as well as the ice cream truck and the bounce house.

“Thank you to everyone on site who helped make the Family Safety Day a success,” said Perry Site Vice President David Hamilton. “Special recognition goes to the day’s organizer, Bethany Mangle, and the committee who made everything possible.”

While Family Safety Days are a great opportunity to share with our loved ones what we do at work, they also are a reminder to keep us focused on working safely at all times. Our families are the reason we work safely, so we can go home to them in the same condition we left.

Regulatory Compliance Nuclear Engineer Tony Kledzik watches as one of his three daughters manipulates the controls in the Simulator Control Room.

One young visitor shows off her gear as she “dresses out” in pint-sized radiation protective clothing.

Warehouse Material Handler Patricia Brown (r.) and her guests smile for a photo during Perry’s Family Safety Day.

Chemistry Supervisor Kelly Yeager (l.) shares the importance of safety when working in a chemistry lab.

This bird’s eye view showcases the fun activities during Perry’s Family Safety Day.