Ohio Senate Approves Nuclear Bill

Perry and Davis-Besse employees join forces to visit senate offices prior to a vote on House Bill 6 at the Ohio Statehouse last week Wednesday.

July 22, 2019

Ohio nuclear plants took another step closer to being compensated for their carbon-free benefits as the state senate passed the Ohio Clean Energy Program legislation on July 17. Senators added a late amendment, and House members adjourned before voting on the measure due to the absence of some crucial “yes” votes. The House already approved the measure as House Bill 6 but needs to ratify changes made to it by senators.

“We hoped to come home with everything but the governor’s signature on the bill,” said Matt Messenger, Perry Site Projects, who went to Columbus along with approximately 100 other Perry and Davis-Besse employees to support the bill. “We’re happy to have made progress, but we still have some work to do.”

Perry, Davis-Besse and at least two Beaver Valley employees worked together to visit senate offices prior to the voting session. “If we pass this one, it’s going to help us in Pennsylvania as well,” said Ohio resident Mike Smith, an electrician at Beaver Valley.

“Hopefully we can go back to our legislators and let them know Ohio was able to pass this,” added Beaver Valley Auto Control Technician Dan Onuska.

The Ohio House of Representatives will not take up the bill for at least two weeks. Its next voting session is set for Aug. 1. Pennsylvania introduced its version of the legislation before Ohio, but discussions are stalled until after the summer break.