Ohio Governor Signs Nuclear Assistance Bill

July 23, 2019

The legislation to help support the continued operations of the Davis-Besse and Perry nuclear power plants was passed by the Ohio House of Representatives and signed by Gov. Mike DeWine on Tuesday. These two nuclear plants represent 90% of the clean energy in Ohio.

This legislation will contribute to the state’s economic success and resiliency of the regional electric grid, while mitigating the potential impact of uncertain electric markets on customers’ electric bills. “Our goal all along has been to save the nuclear plants, save the jobs but also to keep the cost of energy down for the ratepayer,” Gov. DeWine told reporters last week. “I think House Bill 6 does that.”

Under the new legislation, a fee of 85 cents a month would be added to Ohio residential customers electric bills beginning Jan. 1, 2021. That would raise about $150 million a year for the two nuclear plants, owned by FirstEnergy Solutions.