Mask Maintenance

July 6, 2020

  1. You might have to try a few. Shop around to find a comfortable, breathable mask. The best mask is the one you will actually wear.
  2. The more layers, the better. If you can, pick one with at least two layers.
  3. Keep your fingers away from the front. Wash or sanitize your hands before putting on a mask and don’t touch the front. Use the ear ties or loops to secure your mask and to remove it.
  4. Gap free. A properly fitted mask should cover the bridge of your nose to under your chin with no gaps. Pull the ties or loops as snugly as possible against your face.
  5. Where is everybody? If you wear glasses, you’ll have to deal with steam. You can try an anti-fog treatment, or some people have luck when they wash their lenses in soapy water. It’s also good to try and seal the top of your mask underneath your glasses. Some masks have a built-in bendable metal strip that you can mold to the bridge of your nose.
  6. Laundry day. Wash fabric masks with soap and hot water. Keep a few handy and rotate them so you only have to wash them once a week.
  7. Inspect it. If the elastic stretches, the fabric starts wearing thin or the mask stops fitting properly, it’s time for a new one.
  8. Remember. Employees performing work on energized facilities may only wear FR-rated masks.