Level Out Your Power Bill

August 20, 2020

FirstEnergy customers can take advantage of special payment programs designed to avoid the seasonal fluctuation of energy bills.

Under FirstEnergy’s Equal Payment Plan (EPP), customers in Ohio, Pennsylvania and New Jersey can choose to be billed each month for one-twelfth of their annual estimated electric use. Customers of Ohio and Pennsylvania operating companies have their accounts reviewed quarterly and, if necessary, the payment amount is adjusted. In New Jersey, accounts are reviewed twice a year, during the 8th and 12th months of enrollment, with payment amounts adjusted accordingly.

Also in the 12th month of the program, an annual review is performed to reconcile the account to a zero balance prior to the start of the new program year.

A similar program, called Average Payment Plan (APP), is available to FirstEnergy customers in West Virginia and Maryland.

Under APP, electric usage for the previous 12 months is averaged to calculate a monthly payment as one-half of the yearly total. Then, every time a new bill is issued, the average is updated to reflect a new 12-month period. That way, each bill is representative of actual electric usage. The amount of each payment may vary slightly from month to month, but it will not climb significantly in the winter and summer when heating and cooling equipment is used the most.

EPP and APP billing can help make household budgeting easier.

You can find out more about the Equal Billing Plan (EPP) and the Average Payment Plan (APP) on our FirstEnergy web site.