Leadership Lake County Visits Perry

Jerry Cirino talks to the Leadership Lake County class about Perry's contributions to the local economy.

December 5, 2018

On Nov. 14, 38 members of Leadership Lake County visited Perry. Tom Morse, supervisor, Perry Emergency Planning, is a member of the local group and organized the event.

The group’s goal is to develop leaders in pursuit of excellence in Lake County and surrounding communities. One of the ways they help accomplish that is by visiting businesses and companies to learn more about the area and its industry.

Ben Huck, manager, Perry Work Control, who also is a member of the group, kicked off the meeting before David Hamilton, Perry site vice president, gave an overview of nuclear power and answered questions.

In addition, Jerry Cirino, Lake County Commissioner, talked to the group about the importance of supporting nuclear power to benefit the community and state of Ohio.

Glen Burnham (r.), manager, Perry Regulatory Compliance, explains how the Outage Control Center operates.

Varun Shukla (l.), engineer III, Perry Mechanical Engineering, answers questions about plant operations.

Chris Elliott, manager, Perry Operations, explains the role of the Control Room.