Jobs Alliance Hosts Ambassador Contest

A screenshot of Perry Site Projects Manager Lindsay Humble from an OCEJA video produced to help the public understand what Ohio's nuclear plants are up against.

January 15, 2019

The Ohio Clean Energy Jobs Alliance (OCEJA) held an employee contest at Davis-Besse and Perry during the holidays to get friends and family members to sign up to join OCEJA and demonstrate their support for the nuclear plants. OCEJA is a coalition of Ohio community leaders and organizations committed to preserving the jobs, economic benefits, carbon-free energy and electricity grid reliability that the nuclear plants provide in the state.

A total of 101 employees at the two plants participated in OCEJA’s Employee Ambassador Program to help ensure the nuclear plants continue to operate well into the future. Adam Webert and Jacki Gezo signed up the most new supporters at Davis-Besse, while Tom Morse, Stephen Beahon and George Herron topped the list of Perry ambassadors.

OCEJA was created to prevent the closing of the state’s two nuclear plants. The Alliance is dedicated to preserving the jobs, positive economic impact, grid reliability and clean energy that the two nuclear plants in Ohio provide to the local communities and state. OCEJA engages community members and lawmakers to be champions for Ohio workers and fight for the thousands of jobs that the plants support across the state.

If you also support Ohio’s economy, a clean environment and grid reliability, visit* to learn more about the Alliance and watch videos of our colleagues at Perry and Davis-Besse.

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