Here’s to a Successful Harvest!

April 18, 2018

Delicious luncheons, lively sporting events and fun silent auctions. Those are some of the ways our employees raised money for our 2018 Harvest for Hunger campaign. And, together, we came out on top!

This year was our best year yet. We raised $471,000, and with more than 55,000 pounds of food donated, we can provide the equivalent of more than 3.3 million meals, well past our 2.5 million-meal goal.

“The FirstEnergy family pulled together to help families in our communities who don’t know when they’ll get their next meal,” said Dee Lowery, vice president, Corporate Affairs & Community Involvement. “The need for food assistance is real and increases each year. I’m proud of our employees who give so generously of their time and money to help those in need.”

Since 2001, FirstEnergy employees in Ohio, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Maryland and West Virginia have raised $5,103,981 and more than 1.3 million pounds of food. That’s more than 36.7 million meals.


Congratulations to the companywide competition winners:

First Place: General Office, 382 meals per employee

Second Place: FENOC, 265 meals per employee

Third Place: FirstEnergy Utilities, 177 meals per employee

Fourth Place: Fossil Generation, 175 meals per employee


And, our divisional winners are:

General Office

7th Floor – 1,319 meals per employee: Tonya Shelton and Lisa Farr, coordinators
CAK Flight Operations – 1,153 meals per employee: Patrick Humbert and Don Bernier, coordinators
15th Floor – 1,001 meals per employee: Megan Sowden, Abigail Light and Jamie Hudson, coordinators


Perry Nuclear Power Plant – 389 meals per employee: Nettie Wood, coordinator
Davis-Besse Nuclear Power Station – 260 meals per employee: Mary Wilson, coordinato
Beaver Valley Power Station – 152 meals per employee: Kathy Ellis, coordinator

FirstEnergy Utilities

Mon Power – 360 meals per employee: Mon Power External Affairs Managers and Mon Power Headquarters and Service Center coordinators
Toledo Edison – 259 meals per employee: Guy Schroeder, Medilee Myers, Pete Dery, Trina Myers and Gary Keys, coordinators
Potomac Edison – 229 meals per employee: Potomac Edison Headquarters & Service Center coordinators

Fossil Generation

Harrison Power Plant – 360 meals per employee: Carol Giles, Cindy Hamner, coordinator
Pleasants Power Station – 313 meals per employee: Jacque Evans, Heather Lane, Jade Sanonas, coordinators
Bay Shore Plant – 266 meals per employee: Carrie Streight, Paige Batey, coordinators