HB6 Passes House, Moves to Senate

Davis-Besse and West Akron Campus nuclear employees gather on the steps of the State Capitol to support the debate in favor of House Bill 6 on May 29 in Columbus.

June 11, 2019

House Bill 6, which would recognize the value of carbon-free electricity generated by Ohio’s nuclear plants is moving on to the State Senate after passing the Ohio House May 29 on a 53-43 vote. Dozens of nuclear employees from Davis-Besse, Perry and the West Akron Campus were on hand to witness the proceedings along with other supporters.

Employee participation played a critical role in convincing key legislators in the Ohio House to pass this bill and the support was noted by several state lawmakers during the debate.

The bill now moves to the State Senate for approval. Formal hearings start this week in Columbus.

Ohio Governor Mike DeWine issued a news release after the House vote and said, “Ohio needs to maintain carbon-free nuclear energy generation as part of our energy portfolio. In addition, these energy jobs are vital to Ohio’s economy.”