Harrison Unit 2 Returns To Service

(Left) Replacement of Unit 2 booster fans was a critical path project of the Harrison Unit 2 outage. (Right) Scrubber catalyst replacement during the Harrison Unit 2 outage.

May 6, 2019

The Harrison Power Station Unit 2 has returned to service, following a successful 59-day maintenance outage. The outage included significant scope, including the installation of new booster fans, work on the intermediate pressure turbine, boiler feed pump refurbishment, pulverizer rebuilds, and maintenance of the Unit 2 boiler.

In addition to Harrison employees, Fort Martin, Mobile Maintenance and numerous craft workers participated in the outage, which was completed without a safety incident.

“This is the second consecutive major outage we have completed without a recordable incident,” said Harrison Director Gary Dinzeo. “This entire group has built a culture of teamwork and a recognition that we have the power to keep each other safe, identifying and managing exposures and by living up to our safety vision.”