Harrison Outage in Full Swing

The Unit 2 turbine uncovered for maintenance.

March 22, 2019

The Harrison Unit 2 outage continues with significant work ongoing in numerous areas of the plant. Major projects involve the installation of new booster fans, including the overhaul and rewinding of the 55,000 lb. motors that drive the fans; boiler feed pump refurbishment; pulverizer rebuilds; and turbine maintenance.

“This is a significant outage, with a strong focus on safety and our Core Life Saving rules,” said Harrison Director Gary Dinzeo. “Our vision is to make safety ingrained as a part of our culture and for our employees and craft to recognize that we have the power to keep one another safe in everything that we do.”

One Safety Blitz has been performed so far, with Safety representatives from around the fleet working with outage employees to ensure all workers are alert to potential hazards and minimize exposure.

Electrician Stewart Whitehair removes the cover to work on the limit torque actuator for a sleeve damper.​

Harrison Electrician Jason Lanham (l.) and Fort Martin Master Electrician Randy Cumer prepare to test a breaker following maintenance.

One of four booster fan rotors being removed for replacement. Each rotor weighs 93,000 lbs.​ ​