Going the Extra ‘Miles’ for Safety

January 17, 2020

Employees who work at the Western Distribution Center (WDC) in Cleveland – also referred to as the Miles Warehouse – finished 2019 strong regarding safety. Warehouse employees marked more than 20 years without an Occupational Safety & Health Administration (OSHA)-recordable injury, and transportation drivers achieved more than two million miles since their last chargeable motor vehicle accident (CMVA).

Jason DeCenso, general manager, Warehousing & Logistics, said he’s proud of the employees who achieved these significant safety milestones.

“We have a very dedicated group of people at the Miles Warehouse,” Jason added. “Our transportation drivers operate their vehicles safely – not only for themselves and for the company, but to protect other motorists on the road. And, warehouse employees are always investigating new ways to complete tasks safely and reduce exposure to job hazards.”

WDC warehouse employees and transportation drivers work together to fill orders and deliver materials to FirstEnergy Utilities (FEU) service centers and line shops located in the western portion of our service territory. During storm restoration events, the volume of materials and equipment being delivered increases significantly.

“I’d like to recognize and thank all of our WDC employees for safely and efficiently performing their jobs so the line shops they serve can keep power flowing to our customers,” said Chris Trump, director, T&D Warehousing & Materials Management. “Every day, these employees are focused on protecting their coworkers from injury and eliminating the hazards that lead to life-changing events.”

There are 11 warehouse employees stationed at the WDC, and eight transportation drivers who deliver materials out of the facility. Bargaining-unit members are represented by Utility Workers Union of America (UWUA) Local 270.

Miles Warehouse employees include (l. to r.): Nathan Smead, supervisor, Warehouse; inventory storekeepers Terrence Keith, Elizabeth Rastall, Bruce Gage, Greg Joyce and James South; stock handlers Wilsen Caraballo, Alex Caraballo and Bret Zak Jr; and inventory storekeepers Ralph Badillo, Patricia Rowe and Thomas Roznik.

Transportation drivers stationed at Miles Warehouse include (l. to r.): John Ailor, William Jackson Jr, George Mangen, Doug Musser, Tim Duplaga, Robert Hartman, Kyle Antal (Warehouse Supervisor), Keenan Olson and Jack Pienta.