Going the Extra Mile for Our Customers

Rick Bearer and Blase Patrick loaded all the tools and equipment they needed into a company pickup truck before departing Ebensburg for New Jersey.

May 24, 2021

Need a Transformer Repaired – Who You Gonna Call?

FirstEnergy has three Transformer Repair Shops with highly-skilled personnel who can tackle a variety of issues. In addition to the Ebensburg site, the shops are located in Connellsville, Pa., and at the Miles Service Center in Cleveland. Repair shop employees can work with our Lines and Substations groups to provide expert service to customers.

When it comes to providing first-class customer service, FirstEnergy employees don’t just talk the talk, they walk the walk. One example of our employees going above and beyond to address a customer issue recently occurred in the JCP&L service area.

A large pharmaceutical company reported that its 2,500 kilovolt-amps (kVA) transformer had a minor oil leak. We could have either replaced the transformer or repaired the existing equipment. After discussing the options with the customer, we developed a plan to fix the transformer onsite, which would require some additional assistance.

“Our first priority was to minimize the environmental impact of the leak,” said Abe Amawi, general manager, Regional Operations Services, JCP&L. “FirstEnergy’s Environmental group used absorbing pads and Hi-Dri to soak up the oil. As an added precaution, they also installed absorbent booms around the perimeter of the transformer.”

To repair to the equipment, Abe’s team reached out to Mark Buzi, who manages the Transformer Repair Shop in Ebensburg, Pa., providing information about the transformer (e.g., size, nameplate, leak location) and photos so he could review the situation with his team.

“After determining that the transformer could be fixed onsite, we developed an action plan for the job,” said Mark, supervisor, Transformer Repair and Rubber Goods. “Our employees have the knowledge and expertise to complete this type of work safely and efficiently – both at the shop and in the field.”

Two Repair Shop Construction and Maintenance employees – Rick Bearer and Blase Patrick – made the 10-hour round trip from Ebensburg to the customer’s location in New Jersey. They loaded a company pickup truck with all the tools and equipment needed – including a 350-gallon tote tank with a pump and generator so they could remove the oil from the transformer and replace the damaged bushing.

A repair crew traveled from Ebensburg in western Pennsylvania to the customer’s location in Branchburg, N.J., to repair the transformer.

“Rick and Blase really showed the dedication our employees have for providing exceptional service to our customers and ensuring the success of our company,” Mark continued.

Hank Boka, manager, Transformer Repair and Rubber Goods, added: “This is a great example of what can be accomplished when everyone works together.”