Getting First-Hand Info at Davis-Besse

Erie County officials pause for a picture in the Control Room Simulator while touring the plant. Guests included (l. to r.) Republican Party Chair D.J. Swearingen, Administrator Pete Daniel, Commissioner Pat Shenigo and Commissioner Matt Old.

May 13, 2019

Local and state officials from Pennsylvania and Ohio have been visiting FENOC plants recently to gain a firsthand look at nuclear generation. They want to learn more about proposed legislation currently being debated in both states that would provide assistance to nuclear as a clean source of power. Erie County  (Sandusky, Ohio area) officials toured Davis-Besse May 2 with those objectives in mind.

County commissioners Pat Shenigo and Matt Old were joined by County Administrator Pete Daniel and Erie County Republican Party Chair D.J. Swearingen. They visited the Control Room Simulator, Emergency Feedwater Building, Dry Fuel Storage Area, Turbine Deck and Control Room. Performance Improvement Director Doug Huey and Programs Engineer Dennis Schreiner led the group on its tour.

Erie County Commissioner Matt Old visited the Davis-Besse Control Room Simulator and got to push the button that simulates shutting down the nuclear plant. Training Instructor Dave Witt supervised.