Generation Strong: Mike Roberts

February 12, 2018

Having spent his entire career at FirstEnergy in Site Protection, Perry Security Operations Superintendent Mike Roberts has a clear understanding about the importance of keeping the site safe and secure.

“Safety is always the focus of our Site Protection team,” said Mike. “This focus is evident in the daily operations of our department through the use of multiple layers of security at the site.”

Mike began his career with FirstEnergy as a Site Protection Officer at Perry in 2006. He was promoted to supervisor, Security Training in 2014 before being promoted to his current role in 2016. He holds a bachelor of science in Criminal Justice from Kent State University and a master of science in Performance Improvement from Grantham University.

Site Protection’s most important function is to provide the assurance that the Perry Plant and the surrounding communities are safe each minute of every day. They do this by ensuring they have trained and qualified officers, along with physical barriers and the right equipment, to protect the facility. With Mike’s role as superintendent of Security Operations, he’s entrusted with the daily operations of the Site Protection officers’ fundamental behavior. He works to ensure the Site Protection crews are aligned on making sure the site is safe and secure at all times.

“Safety is required as a fundamental behavior to be employed in the nuclear industry,” said Mike. “And as a leader at Perry, I make sure safety is embedded in every task regardless of how routine.”