Generation Strong: Dan Lieb

August 14, 2018

Generation Strong features employees who help ensure our generating plants operate safely, reliably and cost-effectively, every day. Today we meet Dan Lieb, supervisor, Rapid Response Engineering, at the Perry Nuclear Power Plant. If you would like someone in your organization considered for a future Generation Strong feature, send your ideas to

Safety is the most important value in FirstEnergy Generation, and there are many ways each of us ensure the safe, reliable operation of our plants. For Dan Lieb, supervisor, Rapid Response Engineering at the Perry Plant, providing value to his customers helps fulfill that value.

“The Engineering Rapid Response unit supports the plant through emergent issues, ensuring quick resolution of the issues, which can allow us to not only operate the facility more safely, but also ensure we remain reliable and fulfill our commitment to support and provide stability for the electric grid,” said Dan. “Whenever possible, Rapid Response focuses on providing permanent resolutions to problems or issues, allowing us to be prepared to move on to the next issue and best support the safe and reliable operation of the plant.”

When a new problem or issue is brought to Rapid Response, they ask if the issue has occurred before, and if there is a way to eliminate future occurrences. This focuses their attention on providing permanent resolution and added value.

Before joining the Perry team in 2010 as an engineer in the Rapid Response unit, Dan completed several co-op assignments at the plant in Engineering. He was named to his current role in November 2017 and prior to that, he was supervisor, Engineering Programs. Dan holds a Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Toledo and a graduate certificate in Engineering Mechanics from the Missouri University of Science and Technology. He earned his Professional Engineer license for the state of Ohio in 2014.