Generation Strong: Dan Hartigan

November 14, 2018

Generation Strong features employees who help ensure our generating plants operate safely, reliably and cost- effectively, every day. Today we meet Dan Hartigan, shift manager, Operations, at the PerryNuclear Power Plant.

Although Dan Hartigan, shift manager, Perry Operations, didn’t work for FirstEnergy until 2007, his history with the Perry Plant goes back much further.

“I moved to Ohio in 1980 when my father was involved in Perry’s construction working as an engineer with General Electric, so the Perry Plant and the people who work here have always been important to me,” said Dan.

Dan, who has a Bachelor of Science in Aeronautical Engineering from Purdue University, first worked at Perry in 2005 as a contractor with the same company his father did – General Electric. Then in January 2007 he was offered the opportunity to attend license class for Senior Reactor Operators (SROs). Dan earned his SRO license in 2009. He was an Operations unit supervisor until 2016 when he moved to an assignment in Oversight. He was promoted to his shift manager role in Operations in 2017. Effective Nov. 12 he has been promoted to assistant Outage manager, Work Execution.

“Over the past ten years, I’ve been fortunate enough to experience multiple positions at Perry and I’ve grown to realize the importance of every individual’s contribution and expertise,” said Dan. “Teamwork is necessary for our success – and more importantly, for the safety of the station and the community.”

Working together as a team and respecting people is important in the Control Room, where Dan spends his

working hours. “I try to solicit advice frequently, especially from those with opposing viewpoints, to ensure we are making the best decisions to support safe, error-free and cost-effective operations,” said Dan. “I plan to bring those same ideologies into my new role.”

As for what makes FirstEnergy strong, Dan says it’s the people. “I will never know everything, but as long as I am surrounded by great people with a common focus and goals, we will be successful,” said Dan. “The success I’ve had is due to the advice and recommendations I receive every day.”