Flags of Gratitude

August 18, 2020

Following Tropical Storm Isaias, #flagsofgratitude were left at Jersey Central Power & Light’s (JCP&L)  Morristown General Office for our line workers and other service personnel who worked 24/7 to restore power to thousands of customers – showing that heroes sometimes wear hard hats instead of capes. As one flag states:

These flags are dedicated to our brave electricians/linemen at JCP&L for always working around the clock through inclement weather to restore power to NJ residents. We are beyond grateful for your hard work and risk to your safety to keep us all protected. Thank you so much for all you continue to do.

These expressions of appreciation are the work of a Morristown schoolgirl named Callie, who creates the flags and places them in various locations around town. Other displays have thanked first responders and health care workers, a local educational foundation, a mental health services provider and others.

You’re welcome, Callie.