FirstEnergy’s Public Safety Campaign Heats Up

​Max Safety is the fictional spokesperson for FirstEnergy's Public Safety Outreach program.​

July 6, 2021

Max Safety is back – and he’s reminding customers to call 911 if they see a downed power line.

As the fictional spokesperson for FirstEnergy’s Public Safety Outreach program, Max stars in the second phase of an advertising campaign recently launched across our six-state service territory.

“Summer is the perfect time to kick off another round of advertising to promote our public safety messages to customers,” said Susan Samuelson, senior Advertising & Production consultant. “With more people spending time outdoors, remembering to Stop. Look. Live. is important when you are working or playing – you may be near electrical equipment.”

The multi-faceted campaign combines elements of both traditional and digital advertising to maximize reach across multiple channels.

“Using traditional media is still an effective way to get messages out to customers,” continued Susan. “Creative radio spots and colorful, well-placed billboards showcasing our Stop. Look. Live. graphic allow us to build brand recognition while educating a broad audience.”

Sneak Peak

As part of the Stop. Look. Live. campaign, we’re rolling out a new fleet of Live Wire Electrical Safety trailers to show community members how electrical hazards are encountered in the field. In this FE-TV video, Traveling Reporter Karen Clark provides a preview of the trailers and talks with employees involved in the project.

Watch it now!

Digital advertising is a more targeted, data-driven strategy that uses online tools to deliver promotional messages to customers. As part of our campaign, we are posting display ads and short videos as sponsored content on various websites and streaming services – such as Pandora and Hulu – and on social media platforms, like Facebook, Twitter and YouTube.

Public Safety is always looking for new ways to get our messages out to customers, according to Candy Webb, a consultant in the group.

“In addition to the advertising campaign, we are sending bill inserts to customers, providing educational materials to teachers, first responders and third-party contractors in our service territory, and using a fleet of safety trailers (see sidebar) to hold in-person demonstrations showing the potential dangers that exist around energized electrical equipment,” said Candy. “Our goal is to get our Stop. Look. Live. message out to as many people in our service area as possible.”