FirstEnergy Ambassador Network Recognizes Achievements

September 15, 2021

FAN Accomplishments
  • 378 employees volunteered to help shape the future of FirstEnergy by building a sustainable pipeline of diverse talent by being part of FAN
  • 22 executive leaders committed and delivered their support to the FirstEnergy teams and external partners
  • 24 unique strategic plans were developed to guide FAN’s efforts
  • In 2020, FAN efforts helped FirstEnergy recruit the most diverse co-op/intern program roster in program history
  • FAN members have identified many new opportunities and creative ideas for supporting and partnering with talent streams
  • FAN support helped drive a better-than-target result on the D&I KPI hiring goal for 2020

Our FirstEnergy Ambassador Network (FAN) has accomplished a lot since the group was formed in late 2019.  And during a recent event, those involved in the group were recognized for their efforts in creating relationships and attracting diverse talent to FirstEnergy.

Steve Strah, president and CEO, addressed FAN ambassadors and leaders during opening comments at the recent virtual recognition event.

“It’s one thing to get effort off the ground but another to keep the momentum,” said Steve. “You have put your hearts, passion and intellect into reshaping the future of FirstEnergy – for both the short term and the long term. You’re helping to ensure our company can reach its full potential. Creating a diverse workforce and living our core value of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion is the primary engine and the fuel that will enable FirstEnergy to be the company we all aspire it to be.”

The FirstEnergy Ambassador Network is designed to leverage our employees’ enthusiasm and their affiliations to shape the future of FirstEnergy and the communities we serve by developing a sustainable pipeline of diverse talent.

More than 200 participants were on hand to review their accomplishments, share their successes and look at future goals. In 2020, the Ambassador network had more than 400 participants with 24 teams who reached out to colleges and university, professional organizations and local school districts to develop relationships within the communities we serve to build our talent pipeline. Looking ahead, the group is focused on sustaining and refining the program.

“We have a very diverse group of folks on the call today,” said Ambassador Network Lead Terry Malone. “The work you are doing and continue to do is very important. Our goal is to further the mission of the partner institutions while developing and enhancing sustainable relationships with those organizations, promoting FirstEnergy as an employee of choice, exposing youth and other job seekers to the contemporary opportunities available at FirstEnergy, and promoting FirstEnergy in the broader community.”

If you’re interested in finding meaningful ways to give back to your school, professional organization or other group that has made a difference in your career, visit the Ambassador Network SharePoint site to see how you can get involved. Look on the FirstEnergy Today portal for upcoming articles about FAN.

FAN participants share their experiences
“I am a committee member supporting The University of Akron and SASE (Society of Asian Scientists and Engineers). The First Annual Ambassador Network recognition event was outstanding. Thank you to all the organizers and the presenters. I strongly believe that being part of FirstEnergy Ambassador Network helps build a long-lasting relationship and brings out the best in us when we help each other recruit innovative and diverse new talent to our company. I’m certainly proud and honored to be part of the FAN team.”

Asem Attareb, supervisor, Substation Design Engineering

“I am the FAN executive sponsor for our engagement with Cleveland State. It is rewarding to witness the enthusiasm and innovation of our FirstEnergy ambassadors and how the staff at CSU genuinely appreciate their efforts. Also, it was very satisfying at the recent recognition event to see all the groups putting forth similar efforts and the way they support and collaborate with each other.”

Carl Bridenbaugh, vice president, Transmission

“I am the business lead for the SASE (Society of Asian Scientists and Engineers) FE Ambassador Network. It was great to see our leadership team take the time to recognize the important work of the FirstEnergy Ambassador Network members. The energy level and engagement of the attendees during the event provided further encouragement and motivation for me to do more. It made me very proud to be a part of the FAN team. Thank you everyone for your hard work and dedication.

Tinh Khongphatthana, manager, Relays & Controls