FES Moves Up Deactivation Date of Bruce Mansfield Units 1 & 2

Bruce Mansfield Plant

November 8, 2018

The FES Board of Directors has chosen to accelerate the deactivation schedule for Bruce Mansfield Units 1 & 2. Previously scheduled for deactivation on June 1, 2021, units 1 & 2 are now scheduled for deactivation on February 5, 2019.

Regional transmission organization PJM has been notified of the new deactivation date. FirstEnergy Solutions (FES) has purchased enough replacement capacity to cover obligations with PJM through the originally announced 2021 deactivation dates.

Mansfield Unit 3 remains on schedule for a June 1, 2021 deactivation. “We do not anticipate this will change,” said Don Moul, president, FES Gen Companies and CNO. “Going forward, we will be focused on improving the operating efficiency of a safe and reliable Unit 3.”

Damage from a January 2018 fire has limited the operating capability of units 1 and 2, and the units have operated very little since.

Currently there are 249 employees at the Bruce Mansfield Power Station, including 180 full time bargaining and 69 full time non-bargaining employees.

“We will continue to maintain the status quo and adhere to our Collective Bargaining Agreements as we consider a plan for the future, including the ongoing reliable, safe and cost-effective operation of Unit 3,” Don said.

FES continues to work towards a path to emergence from Chapter 11. “FES and our creditors are working diligently to continue to look for opportunities to keep our remaining fossil and nuclear units in operation beyond their currently scheduled deactivation dates,” said Don. “We are optimistic that, under the right circumstances, there may be an opportunity to keep the units running for an extended period.”