FE Employees Receive EPRI Tech Transfer Award

April 28, 2021

Power companies are increasingly focused on corporate responsibility strategies, initiatives and disclosure. Understanding which issues should have priority can provide insight for addressing concerns of the industry and its stakeholders – concerns that are becoming more crucial as expectations from investors and others grow.
A FirstEnergy team was one of the first to complete a comp​any-level assessment of environmental, social and governance (ESG) topics using the Electric Power Research Institute’s (EPRI’s) methodology previously developed to determine sustainability priorities for the electric industry. For their efforts, Corporate Responsibility’s Kim Pickford and Mary Treptow received 2020 EPRI Tech Transfer Awards in the Power Delivery and Utilization category.
The team’s work – entitled ESG Materiality Assessment – provided opportunities for educating internal stakeholders about evolving expectations around ESG
subjects. The findings also are helping inform and drive the company’s ESG strategy, priorities and initiatives.
“We are proud to be recognized for this project, which identified ESG topics that are most important to our internal and external stakeholders,” said Kim, who served as team lead. “We look forward to using the results to drive positive change, create value and continue to live our mission statement.”
Each year, EPRI recognizes leaders and innovators who have applied research and development to benefit their company, industry or society. Technology Transfer Award recipients demonstrate exceptional application of research and technology in solving a significant problem, championing a technology to support industry, or finding ways to provide electricity to our customers in a safer, more efficient, affordable and environmentally responsible way.

This graphic depicts the assessment’s results – how stakeholder input, from employees to customers, related to four key topics determined four corporate responsibility priorities for FirstEnergy.​