Family Ties

October 11, 2019

After spending more than a decade as a paramedic, restaurateur and firefighter, Todd Schafer switched careers at age 30 to become a lineman – following in his father Jack Schafer’s footsteps at Ohio Edison.

Today, Todd works out of Ohio Edison’s Stow-Kent Service Center, while Jack is a line leader in Hartville.

The pair have a special bond, which was explained in the article Line Legacies in T&D World magazine’s September issue. Todd and Jack – who has 40 years of service with Ohio Edison – were profiled as one of several line worker legacy families, comprised of sons, fathers, brothers or uncles, who have continued the tradition of choosing the same rewarding career path over the past few decades.

“My dad was extremely proud when I told him I wanted to become a line worker because it’s a career he’s enjoyed for 40 years, and it’s given him many opportunities to meet new people and travel across the country,” Todd told the magazine. “Although we work out of different service centers, we do work together during storms and on other projects across the company’s service area. Working alongside my father is truly a humbling experience because he is so knowledgeable and well respected in this industry.”

Learn more about the Schafer’s unique story by reading the full article.

Todd and Jack were also featured in this 2017 video celebrating their very first Father’s Day together as Ohio Edison line workers.