Exterior Illumination at its Finest

January 7, 2021

FirstEnergy customers once again channeled their inner Clark Griswold through our annual “Merry & Bright” holiday lights contest.

In the classic Christmas Vacation movie, Clark basks in the overwhelming glow of his home lighting display by telling his father: “you taught me everything I know about exterior illumination.” In December, we invited customers throughout our service territory to show off their illumination skills. Nearly 400 people responded by submitting a photo or video of their best and brightest holiday decorations to their respective utility company’s Facebook page. The company selected one entry from each of our 10 utility companies to receive a $100 gift card each week.

The Merry & Bright contest also provided us with the opportunity to remind customers to keep safety top of mind during the holidays – and throughout the year. FirstEnergy’s public safety outreach campaign – Stop. Look. Live. – encourages everyone to follow three simple steps to avoid dangerous accidental contact with electrical equipment.

  • Stop. Stop what you’re doing to consider your personal safety before beginning to work.
  • Look. Look around for potential hazards and identify a way to avoid the hazard.
  • Live. Prevent serious injury or death by taking precautions to avoid accidental contact with electrical equipment.​

​Here are some of the winning entries from across our service territory.

Ohio Edison

The Illuminating Company

Toledo Edison



Penn Power

West Penn Power


Mon Power

Potomac Edison