Employees Testify on HB 6

Members of the Davis-Besse contingent and several other local stakeholders pose for a picture on the Capitol steps following testimony on House Bill 6.

May 28, 2019

Employees from Davis-Besse and Perry, along with community supporters and a handful of vendor representatives, traveled to the Ohio Capitol on Wednesday, May 15, to speak in support of House Bill 6, also known as the Ohio Clean Air Program. Bill supporters packed the hearing room for the morning session.

House Bill 6 would encourage electricity production and use from clean air resources, providing assistance to nuclear plants as a clean, carbon-free energy source. Employees spent the day attending a hearing on the bill in front of the Ohio House of Representatives’ Energy and Natural Resources. They also delivered letters and visited with state senators who will consider the bill if it passes the house.

About a dozen employees testified in front of the committee, sharing their thoughts about nuclear power and what premature closure of the facilities would mean to them, their coworkers and the communities surrounding the plants.

“My mother owns a small accounting firm and her client base is made up of many Davis-Besse employees,” KC Oxendale, a plant systems engineer told the committee. “Every part of Ohio’s economy, from small business to large corporations to school districts will be affected by the potential loss of these plants.”

“I’m glad I had the opportunity to speak about how House Bill 6 will affect me personally, said Ed Hanlon, Perry Radiation Protection. “They needed to hear the personal stories and see the faces of those that House Bill 6 will impact.”

If you want to show your support of House Bill 6, visit the Ohio Clean Energy Jobs Alliance website and use the tools to contact your representatives.

Davis-Besse Engineer KC Oxendale testifies before the Energy and Natural Resources Committee of the Ohio House. Testimony was recorded and televised by Ohio Pubic Broadcasting’s Ohio Channel.

Perry employees pose for a group picture on the front stairs of the Ohio Capitol.