Employees, Students Celebrate Engineers Week

Charlie Lasky, also an engineer, encouraged the students to take advantage of every opportunity and always learn about the task at hand as well as see the broader picture.

March 2, 2018

Our FirstEnergy engineers in the Akron area, along with their high school students, celebrated National Engineers Week (Feb. 19-23) at the first annual Engineers Day. Hosted by Human Resources, the event was a great opportunity to step away from the books and enjoy the exciting side of engineering and science.

“Engineering is critical to FirstEnergy, our industry and our country. This event really helps make the field come alive and engage students,” said Charlie Lasky, senior vice president, Human Resources, and chief human resource officer.

Terry Malone, general supervisor, Asset Systems, provided his valuable insights to students from the perspective of how integral engineers are for the betterment of the world.

“I really wanted to ignite the students’ inner passion and curiosity, and help strengthen their interest in the profession of engineering,” said Terry.

The audience was captivated by Terry’s dynamism and passion for his career.

Students shadowed their engineer parents and their colleagues at BETA Lab and at the Akron General Office. Everyone enjoyed a luncheon as well as a meet-and-greet with Louie the Lighting Bug.

Student Jillian Short and her mom, Aubrey Short, senior compliance specialist, Reliability Compliance, smile for the camera with Louie the Lightening Bug.

Engineers Celebrated at FENOC Sites

To celebrate National Engineers Week, Davis-Besse and Perry held lunches to acknowledge their engineers who are integral to the success of our generation business. Their role is key, from designing our plants to providing the technical support needed to maintain and repair our facilities. Additionally, engineers help develop ways to keep us safe in the work we do, as well as determine solutions to help us meet our environmental and regulatory commitments.

Davis-Besse Site Engineering Director Ken Byrd shared that the event always is held during the week of Feb. 22 (George Washington’s birthday.) “Washington is recognized by many as the country’s first engineer mostly due to his surveying work,” said Ken.

Perry’s engineers filled up the site’s visitor lobby during an Engineers Week celebration held at the site Feb. 22.