Employees Continue to Engage Lawmakers

Davis-Besse employees Mark Wax, Kevin Zellers, Dan Kelly and Lillie Winckowski sign letters of support prior to making senate office visits at the state capitol last week.

July 5, 2019

About 50 nuclear employees and some spouses travelled to Columbus for another round of Ohio Senate hearings on House Bill 6 on Wednesday, June 19.

Prior to the testimony, employees made visits to senate offices starting with those senators who will be crucial to getting House Bill 6 passed.

Davis-Besse managers Jim Vetter and Pat McCloskey spent time with Senator Teresa Fedor from Toledo, personally delivering a letter from plant union members.

The Energy and Public Utilities Committee heard testimony from FENOC employees. Both live in the senator’s district.

Perry’s Lindsay Humble explained HB 6. “It is simply a commonsense investment in Ohio energy, similar to other state and federal support for various kinds of energy production over the years.”

Perry Women in Nuclear President Hali Schultz said, “There is no substitute for the types of positions and salaries you would see at an Ohio nuclear plant.”
Davis-Besse’s Brian Kanney, representing North American Young Generation in Nuclear, discussed  the benefits of nuclear power and the face of  climate change.

Perry Women in Nuclear President Hali Schultz testified in front of the Ohio Senate’s Energy and Public Utilities Committee at the Statehouse in Columbus last week.

Energy and Public Utilities Committee member Hearcel Craig meets with Davis-Besse employees including Jacki Gezo and Jim Vetter prior to last week’s committee hearings in Columbus.