Electric Utility Retirees Wanted

November 6, 2018

Are you a FirstEnergy retiree? Could you use some extra cash for a dream trip you’ve always wanted to take, or perhaps a special gift for someone’s special day?

Here’s an opportunity to pick up some occasional work for extra money, especially if you have storm restoration experience.

One Source Restoration LLC (OSR) provides electric utilities with additional storm response resources including damage assessment teams, wire down guards and more. OSR currently is recruiting utility industry retirees for some of these roles.

  • Available positions include drivers, damage assessors and wire down guards.
  • Pay is competitive with similar positions at other providers.
  • When offered an assignment, you decide whether to accept or decline it.
  • An assignment may be near where you live, or you may travel to other areas with expenses paid. Assignments may involve FirstEnergy’s or other utilities’ electric systems.
  • You’ll need your own EH-rated boots, ice cleats and leather work gloves. OSR supplies all other personal protective equipment.
  • Training is available if needed.

Attend an upcoming meeting in selected areas to find out more

Informational meetings are being planned for the Toledo, Akron, Fairmont, Altoona, Reading and Holmdel areas. If you’d like to attend one, send an email to jim.timberlake@OneSourceRestorationLLC.com with the subject “FirstEnergy recruiting” and let us know:

  1. Which meeting location you would be likely to attend, and
  2. Any questions you may have.

We’ll send you updates as the meetings are scheduled.

If you’re interested but decide not to attend a meeting, please email jim.timberlake@OneSourceRestorationLLC.com for more information. You can also find out more about OSR at OneSourceRestorationLLC.com.*


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