Davis-Besse Submits Shutdown Requests to NRC

February 11, 2019

FENOC has filed two license amendment requests (LARs) with the NRC to address modifications necessary to prepare Davis-Besse for permanent shutdown. The plant has an announced shutdown date of no later than May 31, 2020.

One amendment modifies the plant’s Technical Specifications and operating license to reflect a permanently defueled condition once the reactor vessel is empty. The second downsizes the plant’s Emergency Plan staffing following permanent cessation of operations.

“While we proceed on a clear path toward a shutdown and placement of our nuclear facilities in a safe storage state, we continue to work toward attaining appropriate legislative relief to preserve the safe, secure, reliable and clean energy these facilities provide,” said Don Moul, FES president and FENOC chief nuclear officer.

The NRC review and approval could take 12 months. Future LAR submittals will address further phases of decommissioning. Any LARs could be withdrawn if the necessary relief and market reforms allow the facility to avert a shutdown.

Copies of the documents can be found on the NRC website* in the Agency-wide Documents Access and Management System (ADAMS).


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