Davis-Besse Helping Out Furry Friends

Finn, the dog, poses with Humane Society employees and some of the recent donations from VOLTS. Happily, Finn was adopted a couple of days after posing for the picture. We wish him and his new family well.

February 28, 2019

The Davis-Besse VOLTS behavior-based safety team received a nice thank you on Facebook from the Humane Society of Ottawa County. Because VOLTS volunteers reached the January goal for safety observations, almost 900 pounds of pet food and treats and enough cleaning supplies for the entire year were donated to the shelter in celebration.

Each day the shelter typically houses a dozen or more cats and dogs while trying to find new homes for them.

VOLTS will continue its community outreach if the February goal for observations is reached. Next will be Toledo’s Cherry Street Mission. The recent severe weather has resulted in high turnouts for meals and overnight stays at the mission. Threre is an urgent need for food and clothing. The mission is the only one in northwest Ohio that serves three meals every day of the week.

The VOLTS focus for office workers this month is on housekeeping, including space heaters and extension cords, while winter awareness continues as the focus on the production side of the operation.