Customer Kudo: JCP&L

March 7, 2019

A JCP&L customer sent an email commending the efforts of the following employees: Francis Cruz, supervisor, Regional Operations Line & Substations; Rob Hendricks, Line Construction & Maintenance (LC&M) chief; Brian Ribbecke, Gordan Ceaser and Rob Baraniuk, LC&M first class; Karl Erickson and Lance Vannatta, LC&M apprentices; and Vinny Byron, Joe Albiez and Charlie Ruff, Express Service technicians.

Good Afternoon,

Last night, the temperature was well below freezing and our building lost heat and power due to a transformer issue. An excellent JCP&L crew – led by Francis – worked to restore power to our building during the night. Francis has excellent communication skills and we truly appreciated the crew’s successful efforts to restore our power. You should be proud of this efficient team.

Marianne Galuchie
Gladstone, N.J.