Contractor Safety Initiative Makes FEU Debut

April 12, 2021

FirstEnergy’s Contractor Safety group is preparing to launch the contractor safety prequalification process for the Transmission, Distribution and Vegetation Management business units on April 12.

“The safety prequalification process has already proven to be successful at FirstEnergy Generation (FEG), which started using it several years ago,” said Alex Wiltse, advanced Safety representative, Transmission & Distribution Contractor Safety. “We’re excited to roll out this initiative to other parts of the company as we continue to develop a comprehensive contractor safety program. Prequalification is a big piece of this effort.”

Contractor Safety has been working with Avetta – a contractor management service company that helps organizations minimize risk within their supply chains. Avetta simplifies the engagement and evaluation of contractors, vendors, and suppliers to ensure alignment with our specific safety guidelines.

According to Alex, the contractor safety prequalification process is designed to strengthen our relationships with contractors by streamlining the qualification process and helping contractors enhance their programs to meet FirstEnergy’s requirements. The process utilizes a new Application Program Interface (API) that allows requisition creators to identify the prequalification status of a contractor company.

“After a business unit identifies a contractor, the requisition creator will check the Avetta database to ensure the desired vendor is approved to perform the required work,” explained Christine Garza, senior business analyst, Contractor & Public Safety. “Each contractor in the system has been assigned a flag color by Avetta that indicates their level of compliance.”

Flag colors are based on the contractor’s submission of all required safety data and documentation (e.g., insurance status, safety data and safety manual reviews). A green flag indicates that the contractor is compliant and meets FirstEnergy’s accepted safety requirements; a yellow one designates a conditional compliance status; and a red flag indicates that the contractor does not meet all accepted FirstEnergy criteria.

“If a contractor is red flagged or cannot be found in the database, the requisition creator must send an email to – or to for FEG – to provide additional information and receive guidance before proceeding,” Christine added.

“Knowing the flag status of a contractor prior to the hiring process is invaluable information,” continue​d Alex. “It can help ensure we are working with companies that adhere to our safety guidelines, which also helps to protect the health and well-being of our employees.”

If you have any questions, contact Christine Garza via email or through Microsoft Teams. Additional information about the contractor safety prequalification process is available on the Contractor Safety SharePoint site.